Our Product

AS ENGINEERS has designed flexible Shafts Grinders for various applications. A flexible shaft may be employed to transmit force or power through rotation (less likely tension or compression). It is distinguishable from wire rope in that it is not formed of braided or woven bundles of wire fibres. Instead, a flexible shaft is formed by wrapping a succession of layers of wire or strands about a mandrel, core, or central void, each layer typically wrapped in opposite direction from the last layer. As a result of this wrapped wire layer structure, a flexible shaft is uniquely adapted to transmit power in a push/pull manner, where it tends not to bunch under compression as does wire rope, and in a rotational manner where it resists forming a helix as does wire rope. Yet, and perhaps paradoxically, a Flexible shaft is very flexible because of this same structure and is thus well adapted to transmit power through radical bends and other tortuous paths.